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Laura has helped me so much, not only in healing physical pain but in understanding what is going on between my mind and body. She has vast knowledge and experience in the 5 Chinese elements and I’ve learned so much about energy and what my body needs. Laura is professional, compassionate, wise.... and I truly feel heard. She is a gem and I’m so grateful a friend recommended her to me.

-T.R. Burke, VA

"Working with Laura has been the most incredible and uplifting experience. Her holistic approach has helped treat many of my physical ailments, allowed me to grow spiritually, and become more comfortable with my personal demons.

The minute I enter her office I feel that I am in a safe, warm, and loving environment. Laura gives me her full attention; time comes to a standstill and I feel that I am the most important person at that point in time. Her treatment package is tailored to my specific needs. She spends time asking pertinent questions to understand what is going on within me on a physical, emotional and psychological level. I feel like I have all the time in the world to ask questions and air my concerns. I am not rushed because her healing sessions are an hour long. I have worked with Laura to address various issues ranging from physical ones, such as my irritable bowel, seasonal allergies, and asthma to emotional issues that involved grieving the death of my dad, my husbands’ deployment to a war zone on a year’s assignment, and my issues of anxiety. I enjoy my healing sessions. It is my special “me” time, especially when I schedule her “combo package” – a massage followed by acupuncture. I leave her clinic feeling rejuvenated, upbeat, and energetic." -L.F. 

"I knew nothing about acupuncture when I tried it for hip pain. Laura uses all of her “senses” to come to a conclusion for treatment, always explains what she is doing and now everything interacts. I have made steady progress and now I feel great. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who wants to feel better."

-Diane, Ft Washington, MD 

"My name is Tracy and I am a 49 year old woman. I have been meeting weekly with Laura starting in October 2012. Laura was highly recommended by a long time friend who observed my health decline over the last couple of years. I am the mother of two wonderful son's who each have disabilities. That combined with a highly stressful job, years of being a single parent, etc....I walked into Laura's office for our first visit completely burnt out. Within the first five minutes I made a mental note to thank my friend for recommending Laura. She immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Laura has a way about her that instantly makes you feel safe. After discussing my history she created an acupuncture treatment plan that she easily explained. Laura's knowledge, belief, and love of what she does keeps me coming back for more. Though we are still in the middle of my treatment plan the difference I feel in my body over these past five months is amazing. I highly recommend Laura for your acupuncture needs." -Tracy, Alexandria 

"Laura is a very thoughtful and compassionate healer. I walked by her flyer many times as I went to my yoga class, but one day I picked up the flyer. I am so glad I did that because her healing processes have helped me so very much. She is quiet and thoughtful. Before she begins any acupuncture or massage or other healing, she first sits down with me to chat with me about how I am feeling. That is as important as the healing procedures. I recommend Laura! She is worth the time, money and effort! She has helped me a lot!" -M.S. 

"The massages I receive from Laura have greatly reduced my stress and provide a wonderful hour of relaxation. Laura has also helped me deal with my arthritis and issues with my back. She is a wonderful massage therapist and I highly recommend her services." -T.R.

"I was treated by Laura with Reiki and massage therapy, and after each treatment I felt full of energy; her treatments improved my health a lot. I started with acupuncture and the results are wonderful. She is very dedicated and the thing that I love most, is that I'm not a number; I'm a patient who receives individualized attention any time that I see her." -M.O. 

"I started seeing Laura about 2 years ago for massage and then about 6 months ago I took my daughter to her for acupuncture. Laura is highly skilled and professional. She worked wonders on both of us. I would walk into her office with very sore and tired shoulders, neck and back. I'd walk out feeling so much better and relaxed after a massage with her. I've not need acupuncture yet, but she has treated my daughter Sharon for OA of the knees and problems sleeping. Sharon is disabled and has Alzheimers so putting needles in her can be a challenge, but Laura was able to accomplish it. No matter how much Sharon resisted Laura remained calm and reassuring, she was very sensitive to Sharon's fears. After just a couple of treatments my daughter slept 6 hours straight. So did I, I was thrilled. We continued to go for several weeks, then was able to stop. I am so grateful to Laura."

-Judy B., from Fairfax 

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