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by Laura Packer

  THE STORY OF LEAF is a thoughtful short story designed to help individuals of all ages understand the true power and freedom that accompanies a lifetime of inevitable changes. It opens a dialogue for thinking differently, and welcomes the wisdom of nature to guide us through transitional events.

  The story begins as Leaf finds comfort and safety high in his tree on the sunny, or yang, side of the mountain. But as the forest honors its seasonal shifts, Leaf is confronted with an uninvited journey and an important decision that literally transforms him forever.

  Incorporating Taoist philosophy of yin and yang, Five Element theory and Mountain Meditation, The Story of Leaf gently explores the larger meaning of one’s existence and our ability to find harmony and peace within life’s endings and is the way.

Follow the 5 Elements in this beautifully illustrated short story!

Those songs are not mine little one, for they are much, much older than me. They have been remembered by Earth, shared by Mountain, and woven into Tree's rings.

-Mother Robin

Would you like to learn more about the Five Elements and how they are incorporated into The Story of Leaf?  Or discuss how nature teaches us to seek out harmony as we experience transitions in our lives? Choose The Story of Leaf as your next book club read and I'd be happy to join you as a guest speaker.

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