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Energy is all around us: in the trees, the air, and all living matter. It can take different forms and resonate at different frequencies. Take water for example, which can be in the form of an ice cube, a refreshing drink, or as hot steam from a comforting shower. It is all the same substance, but at certain moments it can either be hard as stone, or simply evaporate into the air. The human body is also an energetic entity with many forms. We have our skeletal body, our emotional body (aura), and our spiritual body. At times, this energy flowing within our bodies can become blocked or stagnated, creating unease and/or pain on one or more of these levels. 

Reiki is a gentle energetic treatment that supports the body's natural healing abilities on a body/mind/spirit level. Reiki heals by moving a higher energetic vibration through a person's energy field, thus unblocking areas of stagnation and allowing an individual's life force, or 'Qi', to flow in a more healthy and natural way. 

A Reiki practitioner facilitates a client's healing by placing her hands lightly on or just above different points on the client's body, creating a deep sense of relaxation and helping the client to release stress and tension. Many of my clients have reported a sensation of floating or entering into a deep meditative state during their sessions.


  30 minute session: $30

  60 minute session: $60

Try my COMBO treatments:

30 minute massage with 30 minutes of Reiki: $75

60 minute massage with 30 minutes of Reiki: $115

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